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Changing Your Attitude
Change Your Attitude By Changing Your Thoughts
Durwin Randle | 14 November

Norman Vincent Peale, wrote that he came across a tattoo studio in Hong Kong. In the window of the tattoo

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Problem or Predicament! Which Is It?
Durwin Randle | 11 November

Recognizing problems for what they are–temporary tests of your ability to resolve an issue– won’t do you much good if

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Nothing Is Impossible
Nothing Is Impossible!
Durwin Randle | 10 November

Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world

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Facing Challenges!
Facing Challenges!
Durwin Randle | 1 November

It’s been said that when U.S. Marine Chesty Puller found himself surrounded by eight enemy divisions during the Korean War, his response

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Victim or Victor – Either Way, The Choice Belongs to You
Durwin Randle | 15 May

We all face difficult circumstances in life, whether it be because of the choices we made, or the journey of

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We Have A Role To Play!
Durwin Randle | 18 April

I was reading a book this morning, “Change by Eric Parks.” He mentions an analogy he heard best describing our

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To Achieve Your Dreams...Remember Your ABC's
To Achieve Your Dreams, Remember Your ABCs!
Durwin Randle | 16 April

Avoid negative sources, people, places, things and habits Believe in yourself Consider things from every angle Don’t give up and

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Who Keeps You Going?
Durwin Randle | 15 April

Happiness Keeps You Sweet Trials Keeps You Strong Sorrows Keeps You Human Life Keeps You Humble Success Keeps You Glowing

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What Are You Focused On?
Durwin Randle | 22 March

I came across a story that kind of smacked me in the face with a cap. Here’s what I mean…

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The Power of A One Minute Prayer
Durwin Randle | 14 March

It has been said that if Christians and Jews really understood the full extent of the power available through prayer, we

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Family Together
Durwin Randle | 12 March

Family sticks together no matter what. Family stays in love with each other no matter what. Family will help you

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Life Is Good! The Choice Is Yours!
Durwin Randle | 9 March

Here are some fabulous quotes from some famous people throughout history to remind YOU that Life Is Good! “A multitude

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