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Saturday's Fight Simulcast - Winning The Battle That Matters The Most

If you missed Saturday’s Fight Simulcast at Gateway Community Chruch with the fella’s, you missed a simulcast that was off the chain.


Help the men in your church find out who they really are — men created in the image of God, with a warriors heart. Equip the men of your church to fight the battles that matter the most, the one’s that determine the state of their hearts, the quality of their marriages, and the spiritual future of their families. Fight!

Fight: Winning The Battle That Matters Most

But Saturday’s Fight Simulcast was one of the best I’ve seen in awhile. Craig Groeschel brings it to the fellas just the way it is in real life.

Craig took us through an example of the strongest man I know in the bible, and brought it full circle, showing men how much we have in common with Samson. And after looking at his life, I can honestly say, I and Samson have a lot in common.

But what Craig didn’t do, that a lot of author’s do, is leave you without a solution to the problem.

After showing us the problem, Craig then showed us the solution, and how-to defeat the devil at his own game.

Learn how-to Fight with Craig Groeschel, and start Winning The Battles That Matter The Most

‘Til the next episode, peace!

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