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As I was praying this morning, I asked God for a few things, but in the funniest way, God said No! Here’s how.

I came in contact with a man this morning that asked me a question. He asked me, “Has God ever told you No? I said yes.

Here’s what the man said.

“I asked God to take away the pain, but he said No. It’s not for me to take it away, it’s for you to give it up!”
“I asked God to give me patience, but he said No. It’s not for me to give you patience, it’s for you to earn!”
“I asked God to give me happiest, but he said No. I give you blessing, happiest is up to You!”

The man didn’t say another word, he simple turned and walked away.

As I sit here and apply this to my life, God answered my pray through this man. Here’s what God told me.

“You have problem, but you can’t solve it. But it’s not for you to solve, it’s for you to give it to me to solve it for you.”
“You asked me to talk too you, but you don’t study my word. How can you hear my voice if you never study/read my word/bible.”
“You asked me to bless you with things to make you happy. But I give you blessings, it’s up to you to be happy with what I give you.”

God bless, and have a good day!

‘Til the next episode, peace!

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