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day 38

Jesus said to his followers, “Go everywhere in the world, and tell the Good News to everyone.” Mark 16:15 (NCV)

You have a choice to make. Will you be a world-class Christian or a worldly Christian?

Worldly Christians look to God primarily for personal fulfillment. The are saved, but self-centered. They love to attend concerts and enrichment seminars, but you would never find them at a mission conference because they aren’t interested. Their prayers focus on their own needs, blessings, and happiness. It’s a “me-first” faith: How can God make my life more comfortable? They want to use God for their purposes instead of being used for his purposes.

In contrast, world-class Christians know they were saved to serve and made for missions. The are eager to receive a personal assignment and excited about the privilege of being used by God. World-class Christians are the only fully alive people on the planet. Their joy, confidence, and enthusiasm are contagious because they know they’re making a difference. They wake up each morning expecting God to work through them in fresh ways. Which type of Christian do you want to be?

However, there is one great barrier that no longer consist of distance, cost, or transportation. The only barrier is the way we think. To be a world-class Christian, you must make some mental shifts. Your perspective and attitudes must change.

How to think like a world-class Christian

  • Shift from self-centered thinking to other-centered thinking
  • Shift from local thinking to global thinking
  • Shift from “here and now” thinking to eternal thinking
  • Shift from thinking of excuses to thinking of creative ways to fulfill your commission

If you want to be like Jesus, you must have a heart for the whole world. You can’t be satisfied with just your family and friends coming to Christ. There are over 6 billion people on earth, and Jesus wants all his lost children found. Jesus said,

“Only those who throw away their lives for my sake and for the sake of the Good News will ever know what it means to really live!” Mark 8:35 (LB)

The great commission is your commission, and doing your part is the secret to living a life of significance.


Book: The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

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