Are You Having An Issue Downloading Corel VideoStudio Pro?

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I Can’t Download VideoStudio Pro

Are You Having An Issue Downloading Corel VideoStudio Pro?

I was having a problem downloading Core’s VideoStudio Pro using Windows 10. But I kept finding information that Corel was on top of things, and had made adjustments so that clients wouldn’t have to many problems, but that wasn’t the case with me, because I was still having some issues downloading the software.

I’m Getting An Error Message

The error message I kept getting was [my system hadn’t been update…] or something like that because I can’t remember the error message word-for-word. But here’s what I found out that was preventing me from downloading VideoStudio Pro.

Here’s What Found Out

My security software was preventing me downloading VideoStudio Pro. So here’s my suggestion. If you have any type of security software on your computer (which we all do because all computers comes with some type of security software installed), it could be that your security software is blocking the download. I currently have Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 installed, and it was blocking VideoStudio Pro from downloading.

What Was My Solution?

I temporarily turned off my security software, [Kaspersky Internet Security] until I have VideoStudio Pro downloaded. Once I had the software downloaded and was ready to install, I flipped the switch and turned Kaspersky back on.

‘Til the next episode, give it shot, what I did just might work for you.

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